Organic bars and restaurants. A list of places that will make you salivate

Look no further. We offer you a list (there are many more!) of bars and restaurants with a wide range of organic food for you to enjoy in an ethical and sustainable way also outside your home.


Taberna La Carmencita

Taberna La Carmencita is the second oldest tavern in Madrid and is located at number 16 Libertad Street. In this place full of charm you will find traditional food of all life with products from sustainable and organic food. A must for eco food in Madrid.

Don’t miss…: Their organic veal meatballs from the Cantabrian cooperative Siete Valles de Montaña with blonde sauce.

Olivia te cuida

Its canteen located in Matadero is a wonderful industrial space that hosts simple organic food dishes such as pizzas, starters and salads that combine fresh and sustainable ingredients, creating a unique dining experience in a modern and very cozy atmosphere.

Don’t miss…: Its beautiful terrace overlooking the Manzanares and its mixed dishes.



In the heart of the Raval, this restaurant opened more than 50 years ago and offers a sustainable, traditional and casserole cuisine full of flavor. L’hortet has a daily menu suitable for all budgets that changes according to the season.

Don’t miss…: Their super-affordable daily menu based on seasonal organic food.

Flax & Kale

Since a few years ago, Flax & Kale has become a must stop for all those who are looking for organic food in an incomparable atmosphere in the center of Barcelona. In addition, they have a wide variety of juices and eco drinks that they make themselves, perfect to refresh you if you are out for a walk.

Don’t miss…: Their freshest starters and any of the specialties of Teresa, its founder.


Arrocería Maribel

If you want to eat a Valencian paella with fresh and local ingredients in the surroundings of La Albufera de Valencia, you have to visit El Palmar. If you also want to eat a spectacular rice full of flavor in a place committed to the conservation of its natural surroundings and the environment, you have to visit Arrocería Maribel.

Don’t miss…: Its fantastic rice dishes and its ancestral elaborations such as espardenyà or arròs amb fesols i naps.

Begin Origen

Spectacular space with a visual proposal that recreates the shapes of nature and hosts a menu full of local ingredients, fresh vegetables grown by local farmers and both plant-based and meat options from farms committed to animal welfare.

Don’t miss…: Its beautiful space and tacos.


La Tizná Restaurant

This sustainable organic and seasonal food restaurant is located next to the Viapol courthouse. It is a versatile space to buy, eat and drink fresh, local, organic, sustainable and seasonal products.

Don’t miss…: Their authentic scrambled eggs for their traditional taste of homemade food of a lifetime.

Estraperlo Restaurant

This organic and seasonal food restaurant is located next to Maria Luisa Park in Seville. In it, you will not only find delicious dishes made with local organic products, but also a market and a culinary center. It is one of the absolutely essential places if you want to enjoy a sustainable gastronomic experience in the Andalusian capital.

Don’t miss…: Their Iberian cheeks in Port wine with mashed potatoes and their traditional flamenquines.