The school program “EducaBio, learning to recognize the green leaf, for a healthy and organic food“, is aimed at the entire Spanish educational community with the aim of promoting the importance of good nutritional habits and increased consumption of healthy and organic food.

Recent dietary changes have led to a predominance of fast food, convenience foods, abuse of sugar intake and excessive meat consumption, with negative repercussions on the health of our children and the environment.

It is important to acquire healthy eating habits from an early age because good nutrition during childhood and adolescence is essential for the development of young people.

Educational centers are a fundamental space for the transmission of healthy habits, values and attitudes that favor an integral education of the child.

The participation of the entire educational community is important in this awareness-raising task. To this end, workshops will be held for schoolchildren between the ages of 8 and 12, teachers and families.


The BioRestauración project values the quality and prestige of organic production and catering, through a cooking contest for professionals and amateurs from all over Spain. The objective is the development of a culinary proposal that gives greater importance to the origin and production of raw materials, promoting the interaction of chefs with organic producers.

The chefs seek to present a gastronomic proposal composed of delicious dishes, but at the same time present a more sustainable cuisine, reducing CO2 emissions by using products from our immediate environment and using organic products, with better taste and quality. All of this without forgetting to make the most of the kitchen.

The aim of the BioRestauración project is to raise awareness, both among chefs and consumers, of the importance of healthy gastronomy that respects natural resources.

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