Spanish professional association of organic production

Ecovalia is the Spanish professional association of organic production. As a non-profit organization, it integrates all the agents in the chain: farmers, livestock breeders, agri-food industries, marketers and consumers.

Its mission is the development of organic production, through promotional activities, training, information, support with professional services to the sector and defense of the interests of this.

Ecovalia has its origin in 1991 and is one of the pioneering organizations in the organic production sector in Spain.


The evolution of the sector in Spain has been Ecovalia’s own evolution, focusing its activity on the integral development of organic production, acting from a regional level, to a markedly national one, with international presence and activity.

More than 55,000 students have participated in the training activities organized by Ecovalia and more than 30 titles of informative material have been published. More than 20,000 people have attended the association’s events, seminars and technical seminars.

In terms of promotion, Ecovalia has organized trade missions and exhibited at the sector’s main trade fairs: Fruit Attraction; Alimentaria Barcelona; Biocultura; Salón Gourmet; WOOE; All Things Organic; Expo East; Biofach; SIAL and Foodex, among others.

Ecovalia’s role as promoter of the main fair of organic production in Spain: Organic Food Iberia. This professional meeting has become a benchmark event for the sector.

At a more local level, in order to promote awareness and consumption of organic food and support the marketing of products from small businesses in rural areas, Ecovalia has organized eco-markets in which more than 30,000 people have participated.

Ecovalia is very active in innovation, research and support for the professionalization of the sector. The role played by the organization is that of promoter and catalyst of projects, being a link between the sector and public administrations and universities. In this way, the entity has developed more than 20 national and international projects. Rafael, Citrus, Ecoinspira, Red Conecta Bio, Huella del Agua, Liveseed, Biofruitnet and Meat Quality are just a few.

Ecovalia also maintains constant support for research through the Ecovalia-Clemente Mata Chair of Ecological Production at the University of Córdoba and the ‘Núñez de Prado’ International Research and Defense Awards, which for the past 25 years has been rewarding the best research work.

In terms of representation, Ecovalia has a membership of more than 17,000 organic operators. He is also a regular interlocutor with the regional governments. It is also with the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food. At the international level, Ecovalia is a member of IFOAM EU and a collaborating member of the Inter-American Conference on Organic Agriculture.